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The concept of having my own design company was created in art
school, when I was completing my Commercial Art and Advertising
Degree. My instructor gave us a project to create a company logo
and business card. I came up with “Brittany Allen Design” since my
fiancé’s last name was “Allen”. My aunt was in advertising and I
wanted to follow in her footsteps; her designs were so amazing. She
let me create a version of a wine bottle label that she was working
on and that was the beginning inspiration for me.

When I graduated art school, I couldn’t find a job designing, as the agencies I interviewed with loved my portfolio, but not my total lack of experience. Seeing an ad for a small print shop in Carrollton, TX I applied and was hired. After about 6 months I started moving up in the company and knew I had found my niche. I was promoted to printing production manager and spent the next nine years helping to grow this little AlphaGraphics (AG) print shop into a very short list of the top and biggest AlphaGraphics in the nation. I loved working with clients and I enjoyed helping them bring their projects to life by choosing colors, stock and working with their budgets. I loved the creative process, especially after seeing the finished printed products. As the print manager, I managed the press operators and a team of designers. I was fortunate to have worked with so many creative people over the years.

As time passed managing departments was not enough, I knew it was time to start my own design company. It was time to use what I had learned at school, what I had seen designers doing and be able to work with the creative process I loved so much.

Having made the decision to launch my company, my husband and I
brainstormed several possible names. He suggested 2nd Story Design
– yes, my office would be on the second story of our home – but to me
it was about the “second story of my life”. That was it! I knew that
would be my company’s name – it felt “arty”, kind of “New York Agency”
and “Hip & Cool”. I immediately got to work designing my logo and I loved it the second it was created. It made me happy and it felt good. Right then 2nd Story Design was born.

I continued to work at AG until I could get my business off the ground. A year later while on a ski lift in Taos, and while talking about the progress of 2nd Story Design, my husband’s words to me were…”I think this company is the real deal – I think it’s time to fly”. The next week after returning to work, I gave notice, left work and was ready to give my all to 2nd Story Design

So… here I am, in my 13th year, very lucky to continue working with great clients and to be able to do what I love every single day. And here’s to the new clients I haven’t met yet and exciting new projects!

I learned invaluable lessons at AlphaGraphics over the 10 years I was there. As a business owner and designer those lessons taught me to treat my clients well and with respect, exceed expectations, be efficient and timely, be detail oriented, produce quality products and lastly, assure client satisfaction. Everything happens for a reason and I know I was meant to have that background and experience before launching my design business. I’m convinced it’s played a major role in why 2nd Story Design has been so successful.


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