graphic design
Are you tired of looking at the same marketing materials you have used since starting your business?
Let us sit down with you for a review of your marketing materials. We can offer suggestions, guidance, and design assistance that will deliver your message in a fresh and exciting package. It’s time to get excited about your marketing!

Are you getting the most bang from your marketing buck?
2nd Story Design will work with you to develop exciting, cost-effective marketing pieces that will get your product or service noticed in the marketplace. Our goal is to always exceed the expectations of you, our customer, with clean, fresh and creative design that delivers your message. Let us help get you where you want to go.

Do all of your marketing pieces look totally different from each other? 
Brand consistency is extremely important to being and looking professional to your clients. From your website and business cards, to your brochure and powerpoint presentation, your identity should have a cohesive and consistent theme throughout.  2nd Story Design can work with you to create a unified and professional look. 

magazine design and layout
Are you looking for a magazine designer, or know of a company that is?
2nd Story Design has several years experience in magazine production and layout. If you are interested in working with 2nd Story Design on your magazine, let’s talk. If you know of a company who’s looking for a designer, we are looking for a new magazine to add to our project base.

Does Printing STRESS YOU OUT?
Let 2nd Story Design take the printing stress out of your hands. We use our knowledge and experience in the printing industry to insure that your projects are handled in the most cost effective way, to maximize the value of your marketing dollars, deliver a beautiful product and make this process easy and stress free.

promotional items
Frustrated with searching for the perfect giveaway item?
We find the best items for your budget and marketing needs and design the art with brand consistency. Hassle free for you, from decision to delivery to your door.

Schedule a free consultation with Brittany Allen of 2nd Story Design now.

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