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brittany allen

graphic designer   |   artist   |   marketing consultant

Brittany Allen Graphic Designer

about brittany.

Growing up I loved being creative…plain and simple. I had an aunt who worked in advertising and seeing what she did and getting to help with one campaign sparked something in me and I knew that graphic design was my calling. Fresh out of college, Commercial Art degree in hand, I began my industry career as a production manager with a small, high volume commercial printer. As the industry moved from mechanical to digital, I learned and honed my skills. In 2001, I opened my very own design studio, 2nd Story Design. (So-called because it was located in an upstairs room of my home… and even more so that it felt like the beginning of the “second chapter/story” of my life).

Since then, I’ve had the opportunity to work on a wide variety of challenging, awesome and interesting projects, ranging from company logos and brand development, to brochures, billboards, gala event marketing, and more. Along the way, I’ve been responsible for the production content of a number of magazines, helped non-profits to grow, and been blessed to work with some incredible people and amazing entrepreneurs.

Even after all these years, the excitement of working with my customers to bring their ideas and concepts to life, has never dimmed. From conception to completion, partnering with my clients to help them succeed remains my greatest satisfaction.

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